Essential Business Grammar & Practice

This new Elementary level provides clear explanations and examples of key grammar relevant to lower-level learners, with practice activities based on authentic contexts and opportunities for personalization in each unit. 200 p. Levels : A1-B1.

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A1, A2, B1, Débutant, Faux débutant, Intermédiaire
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21 x 28 x 1.2 cm
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520 g
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151 - 200
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  • Clear, simple explanations of grammar points appropriate for lower-level learners.
  • Straightforward practice activities based on accuracy.
  • Authentic source material, providing contexts relevant to adult professional learners' needs.
  • Short end-of-unit sections allowing students to personalise key grammar.
  • Progress tests.


Michael Duckworth is a teacher and author who has worked in schools in Africa, the Far East, and Europe. He has written a number of successful courses, including several aimed at preparing students for, or leading up to, Cambridge ESOL examinations. 
He is co-author of Kickstart, Countdown, Proficiency Masterclass, Matrix Pre-Intermediate with Kathy Gude, and New Success at First Certificate with Kathy Gude and Robert O'Neill, and author of Grammar and PracticeBusiness Grammar and PracticeVoodoo Island in the Oxford Bookworms Library, as well as a number of workbooks.

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