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Selected Tales
Attentive to the historical and political dimensions of these very American tales, this new selection places the most popular - "The Fall of the House of Usher", "The Masque of the Red Death", "The...

3,85 €

Frankenstein (book + audio CD)
A retold version of one of the most famous and inventive horror stories ever written. Level 3 - Book and Audio CD

9,04 €

Dinos Day in London (book + audio CD)
Tommy Grant is a taxi driver. One morning his boss telephones him. 'Can you be at the Ritz hotel at 9 o'clock?' he asks. The 12-year-old son of a film star is in London. His name is Dino. 'Be very nice to the boy,' Tommy's...

9,07 €

The Pearl Girl (book + audio CD)
Kate Grant comes from Canada. She is visiting Europe with her mother and father. One evening she sees two men in a museum. They are taking a very famous picture..."Girl with a Pearl Ear-ring." What can Kate do? Book + audio...

9,07 €

Matilda (book+audio CD)
Matilda is a clever and unusual little girl. But her parents aren't interested in her, and the terrible head teacher at her school hates clever children. But Matilda finds a way to be strong, and the results are very funny....

9,83 €

Audrey Hepburn (book + audio CD)
Audrey Hepburn was a beautiful and great actress. When there were unhappy times for her, Audrey always showed a warm, friendly face to the world. The world loved her, and people love her now ! Book + audio CD. Level : Elementary, A2, B1.

10,30 €

The Room in the Tower and Other Ghost Stories
Three stories, three ghosts. A young woman marries an older man. His first wife is dead. Or is she ...? Why does a dead man walk through his house each night? An old woman has a house with a tower. Why does she visit a young...

11,34 €