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The Great Gatsby
In The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway moves to Long Island where he encounters the mysterious and wealthy millionaire, Jay Gatsby. What is Gatsby searching for and what is his relationship to Daisy Buchanan? Recommended for...

6,24 €

White Fang
White Fang, half-dog, half-wolf, is raised in the wild but soon becomes the property of Gray Beaver, a Yukon Indian. Knowing only cruelty of man and the violence of nature, White Fang becomes the most savage and wild of...

9,04 €

I, Robot
Issac Asimov's classic collection of stories about a society where humans and robots live and work together on earth and in outer space, is both disturbing and prophetic. Book + audio CD.

9,27 €

The Island of Dr Moreau
Penguin Readers are simplified texts which provide a step-by-step approach to the joys of reading for pleasure. Book + audio CD.

10,45 €