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Le Robert & Collins Maxi Plus anglais

Dictionnaire (230 000 mots, français-anglais, anglais-français, 1060 p.) + Grammaire + Guide de conversation + Contenu téléchargeable. 
L'anglais d'aujourd'hui pour comprendre, écrire et communiquer

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Langue cible :
Anglais, Français

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Langue source :
Anglais, Français

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Niveau :
A1, A2, Affaires, Avancé, B1, B2, C1, C2, Confirmé, Conversation, Débutant, Faux débutant, Intermédiaire, Perfectionnement
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Marque & Collection :

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14.7 x 19.5 x 5 cm
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1010 g

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20,70 €

Plus d'information

  • 230 000 mots, expressions et traductions
  • Le vocabulaire le plus récent et de nombreuses expressions idiomatiques
  • Des milliers d'exemples d'emploi pour illustrer les usages
  • Un focus sur les mots-clés à maîtriser
  • Des notices sur la vie en Grande-Bretagne et aux États-Unis

+ Une grammaire claire et concise
+ Un guide de conversation pour s'exprimer efficacement en toute situation
+ Un contenu téléchargeable sur le site de l'éditeur grace votre code personnel

ALLAIN Jean-François


COUSIN Pierre-Henri

Pierre-Henri COUSIN : "My field of action is mastery of language and the sharing of knowledge - as a linguist, as a publisher, and as a developer of international coeditions. This area has been transformed by electronic media and Internet as well as by the role of English as a lingua franca. New competitors have entered the fray from outside traditional publishing. Now is the time for new ventures and a "new frontier" approach ! 
From the Collins-Robert French Dictionary to the Petit Larousse, I have had the opportunity to play a key role in several major publishing programmes for print and electronic media. I learned the trade as an editor with Collins, set up a packager venture, went back to Collins as a publisher, and moved on to Larousse as director of its new language programme. I have also lectured on dictionary publishing, and I am now operating under the Lexicon Planet banner. 
Currently based in Normandy and Cambridge, I was born and educated in Geneva and have spent most of my career in Scotland and Paris. I have done business in the USA, Japan and throughout Europe with many publishing and software partners
source : Lexiconplanet 

LOVE Catherine-E.