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Networking In English

Networking in English (Student Book + Audio CD) is for anyone who finds it hard to 'find the right words' when communicating informally in the workplace. It is a practical, engaging and easy-to-use course that will build confidence in a difficult area. 

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Affaires, Avancé, B1, B2, C1, C2, Confirmé, Intermédiaire, Perfectionnement
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22 x 28 x 0.7 cm
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315 g

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Pages :
101 - 150
Support :
CD Audio, Livre

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23,37 €

Plus d'information

Written by a writing dream team, Barney Barret and Pete Sharma, this is an indispensible title in an area that is much overlooked.

Key Features :

  • All language is contextualised by the 6 characters that appear throughout the book and provide a range of voices and personality types
  • A student 'Needs Analysis' at the beginning of the book allows the course to be used in a tailor-made fashion
  • Cultural and networking tips provide extra support and background information
  • Review sections and word lists consolidate the lexical input so important in conversational English
  • Ideal for self-study, use in the classroom, or reference
  • Speakers are both native and non-native in order to familiarise students with the global corporate market




SHARMA Pete"I sometimes describe myself as wearing four different "hats". My first hat is a teaching hat. My 23 years teaching business took me all over Europe, as well as to the Middle East and Far East. I enjoyed my stint on the BESIG Committee. I am now enjoying the challenge of EAP in my work at Oxford Brookes University. For the first time ever, I have also moved outside language teaching, running courses on interpersonal skills and IT. My second hat as a teacher trainer has given me fascinating insights into the area of teacher education and teacher development. For some years I was the Training and Development manager for Linguarama. I describe myself as an "accidental author" - I wanted a book on CD-ROM so badly that I ended up writing one myself! Thanks to Summertown publishing for giving me that opportunity. My second book, The Internet and Business English, co-written with Barney Barrett, was Highly Commended in the Duke of Edinburgh ESU awards. It was a great day - collecting the certificate from Buckingham Palace. Thanks to writing the business English e-lesson for Macmillan I have started exploring the actual process of materials writing. It was also stimulating to do the Teacher's Book for Mark Powell's In Company Upper-intermediate (Macmillan). My fourth hat? I review books and software, contributing the Reviews in brief column for the International English Book Centre, in the EL Gazette. I add reviews to my new website, created by Barney: , whichaims to inform teachers about technology in language teaching. One result of wearing so many hats? Seeing things from many different perspectives. What drives me? Apart from the usual ELT wanderlust, technology really lights my fire. I am relishing the challenge of doing my M.Ed dissertation on E-language learning. I enjoy being on the Macmillan Dictionary Advisers committee as we are researching which aspects of CD-ROM users appreciate. I also love presenting at conferences - check out my website for future venues !"

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