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Presentations in English

Presentations in English (book + DVD) is the ideal choice for anyone who needs to make presentations in English either for academic or business purposes. The flexible seven-step approach helps students find their voice and develop their own unique presentation style. Suitable for the classroom or for self-study.

Auteur(s) :

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Niveau :
Affaires, Avancé, B1, B2, C1, C2, Confirmé, Intermédiaire, Perfectionnement
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22 x 28 x 0.7 cm
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360 g

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Pages :
101 - 150
Support :
DVD, Livre

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En vente En vente !
24,21 €

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Key Features :

  • Can be studied progressively or dipped into for specific skills and language
  • Presents language, advice, and a range of powerful, up-to-date presentation techniques
  • The DVD follows the progress of real students and offers insights into their learning, models to follow, and opportunities for analysis



WILLIAMS EricaErica runs BEST Training, Coaching and Consultancy from both Wolverhampton in the U.K. and Düsseldorf in Germany. As author of "Presentations in English", she personally conducts one to one executive coaching, training for companies and universities and train the trainer seminars for presenting in English. 

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