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Meetings in English Student's Book and Audio CD Pack - Boomonde

Meetings in English Student's Book and Audio CD Pack

Meetings in English is for anyone who needs to use English to participate in meetings - from planning an agenda to video-conferencing. The course (book + audio CD) deals not only with the communication skills necessary for a wide range of meeting contexts but also with the networking skills required to build effective relationships. 

Auteur(s) :

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Affaires, Avancé, B1, B2, C1, C2, Confirmé, Intermédiaire, Perfectionnement
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Dimensions :
22 x 28 x 0.7 cm
Poids :
320 g

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Pages :
101 - 150
Support :
CD Audio, Livre

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Etat :

23,37 €

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Key Features :

  • A self-contained Book and Audio CD Pack, this is ideal for use in the business English classroom as supplementary or intensive material, or as a self-study manual
  • Systemic coverage of all stages from planning meetings to follow-up
  • Strong focus on the language of meetings plus coverage of networking skills before and after meetings
  • Specific strategies for teleconferencing and video-conferencing
  • Case study scenarios provide a context for learning
  • Intercultural meeting situations are given particular coverage



Bryan STEPHENS is an experienced Business English teacher and course book writer in English, French and German. He has taught in a wide range of companies in the financial, information technology, pharmaceutical, retail and entertainment sectors in Russia and germany.Bryan also combines his teaching and writing with the inspection andaccreditation of language schools in the UK and the editing of ELT materials for international publishers.