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Telephoning works with the skills and language required to conduct successful phone calls in English. Telephoning is designed for classroom use, but is also suitable for self-study. Book + audio CD, levels : B1, B2.

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Affaires, Avancé, B1, B2, Confirmé, Faux débutant, Intermédiaire, Perfectionnement
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21 x 30 x 0.5 cm
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225 g

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Pages :
51 - 100
Support :
Cahier d'exercices, CD Audio, Livre

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23,09 €

Plus d'information

The book practices language and skills in the following areas :

  • • Opening a conversation
  • • Making conversation
  • • Building rapport
  • • Entertaining
  • • Making arrangements
  • • Leave-taking

Telephoning provides six core units, each containing these sections :

  • • warmer to raise awareness of the skills involved in effective communication and to introduce different strategies for developing these skills.
  • • presentation and practice of core language connected to each skill.
  • • over to you, which allows students to apply what they have learned to their real-life work situation.

In addition, the book contains :

  • • a needs analysis to help learners to think about their strengths and weaknesses in English and to identify and prioritize their learning needs
  • • a personal learning journal to help students monitor their learning during the course
  • • a review to help consolidate the language work students have done in each unit
  • • a reference section listing the vocabulary, grammar and phrases covered in each unit
  • • an answer key, including suggested answers and audio scripts

Telephoning is designed for classroom use, but is also suitable for self-study.

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